I know that there is a great push to shop local and shop small businesses. But that’s not always easy to do when you have to go from store to store. But if you’re trying to contribute more to your local economy and break the Amazon habit, as a lot of people are, just go to Marshalls for everything.

Has your husband or son told you that they have either misplaced or run out of their socks? Save the trip to the mall or the Amazon order and head over to your Marshalls. They have it all.

I came to this realization after walking into my local Marshalls looking for some office supplies, which is right next to the menswear at my location. As I looked at the selection I noticed the very same pair of socks my sons wore, at third of the cost. We always assume Amazon is cheapest for everything but that’s not necessarily true.

As I continued to explore the men's section, I discovered belts and even more items that I could have been saving money on. And the best part, no one noticed. The smile on my son's face after receiving his new socks was priceless.

In addition to menswear, Marshalls is my favorite place to buy stationery. They always have the cutest cards and stickers, which make creating presents for friends and family a fun and creative experience.

I remember a few years ago I purchased a scrapbook from Marshalls as well as colored pens and made my best friend an amazing book of all of our memories.

What I love about Marshalls is despite the fact that everything is cheap, it is all unique. You will never walk into a Marshalls and see something you saw a few weeks ago. The product is ever changing, making your simple trip to the store exciting and less of a hassle. I seriously cannot remember the last time I left Marshalls empty handed. It’s simply the best.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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