Not that flashers are considered an intellectual lot, but one in Vineland seems to be particularly stupid. According to The Daily Journal, police say a woman was sitting in the Vineland Public Library when a man approached her and struck up a conversation. Police say he gave her his business card, then eventually moved closer to the woman and “gave her a look at his genitals," according to the article.

The woman quickly moved away and alerted library staff, according to police. The police were summoned but he had already left, they said.

Fortunately, the moron had given her his business card, identifying him as Darrell Jones, according to police. Using that information, along with surveillance video, he was quickly apprehended, police said.

Jones was charged with two counts of lewdness, one because children were present in the library.

Moral of the story: When committing a crime, don’t give your personal information to the victim in advance (or at all, if you want to get away with it)

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