I wanted to call this eatery “Italian,” but that doesn’t really describe it.

I’d love to say it specializes in some type of fusion, but that really wouldn’t be doing it justice, either.

While the name Birravino is a portmanteau of the words beer and wine in Italian, it’s so much more than Italian. Although they do execute Italian better than anyone else.

It’s located in that wonderful stretch of Monmouth County culinary excellence, Red Bank. And although I feel that Monmouth County has more great restaurants than just about any other county in New Jersey, Birravino is a stand out and that’s why I keep on coming back.

I’m not a restaurant reviewer and I don’t think I would do the menu justice I describing it here. But suffice it to say on a recent visit with my friends we pretty much had one of everything.

They do seafood beautifully, too, and their specials usually include one kind of fish. This time it was an amazing Branzino that was melt in your mouth good. And no one leaves Birravino without trying an estate, Margherita or burrata Pizza. You can check out the eclectic creative menu here.

It’s a combination of the ambience, the unbelievably fun vibe, the fantastic staff and servers, and the just plain old dedication to great food that makes it one of the most popular places on the Jersey Shore. In my opinion they have the best of everything.

When the pandemic hit and they started to take things outside, they did it as only Birravino can-with 100% dedication to good vibes. They turned the parking lot into a veritable tropical island complete with Adirondack chairs, a sandy beach, and unbelievably listenable music.

Birravino is—well, it’s everything. Try it. Then thank me profusely. I gotta thank my friend Robbie, pictured with me above for turning me on to it.

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The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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