My friend Steve Kalafer is one stand up guy. He's the owner and leader of Flemington Car and Truck Country as well as the Somerset Patriots baseball team.

As I told you a few weeks ago, the insider-elite pols on the Bridgewater Council tried to delay and even stop the fireworks shows after the Patriots games because someone, wait for it, saw an eagle. Ugh. Classic Jersey selfish, power-hungry politicians trying to bully a successful private business.

Well, Steve would have none of it. He fought back. And thanks to his courage and defiance, and the very vocal support of the fans, he won. The fireworks will continue as planned. It's not often we see this kind of leadership in New Jersey.

We've had a dumbing down of government as some of the worst among us, selfish, arrogant, driven by preservation of their own power, are at the helm. They're certainly not looking out for us. Working and middle class families in Jersey are effectively on their own. Every level of government seems to stand against us. Thankfully there are courageous leaders like Steve Kalafer to pick up the slack and speak for us.

On a related note, Steve made a huge offer this morning. He's willing to give a reward of $5,000 to the person who locates Kate Smith and takes a selfie with the statue that was removed after a fake controversy about her being a racist.

Bottom line? False. Kate Smith was a champion for people of color. But that true history got whitewashed in a politically correct social media storm. Thankfully, and once again, Steve Kalafer stood up for common sense.

He first offered the Comcast $10,000 for the statue. They sent back the check. Then he offered $50,000. So far, the check is not cashed and there's been no response from the Flyers/Comcast. So he's turning to you. Find Kate, he'll give you $5,000! #FindKateSmith

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