Keeping myself honest, I’m sharing the lottery tickets I bought so you know I’m not hiding anything. We did another Lottery Wishlist Wednesday. That’s where Bill and I buy some lottery tickets, in this case Mega Millions and Powerball. If one of us hits for the big jackpot, we vowed we would cut listeners in for $2 million each if they called and shared on-air at least one fun, crazy thing they would do with the money.

Now the Powerball was already drawn Wednesday night and sorry to say we didn’t win. But the Mega Millions drawing is Friday night so there’s still a chance. That jackpot stands at nearly a quarter billion dollars; $244 million.

What would some of our listeners do with a $2 million?

Carolyn says she’d have lunch with the Green Bay Packers by offering money to their favorite charities to hang out. What? The 0 and 11 Jets not worth your time?

Tony is my kinda guy. He’d use his money on space tourism and get to the international space station.

Then there’s Kathleen whose dream is to buy a souped-up Winnebago and a trailer to bring along a miniature horse she also wants to buy.

Kylie Moore photo
Kylie Moore photo

So our next chance is Friday night. And if you see a tricked-out Winnebago hauling a miniature horse a week from now you’ll know what happened.

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