Sure, it’s easy to be generous with money you almost certainly will never have. I get it. But I do swear on my life if this ticket hits the full jackpot in the December 13 MegaMillions I really will share with each of these listeners for a two million dollar cut.

Jeff Deminski photo

It’s a thing we do once in awhile we call a Lottery Wishlist. When I buy a lottery ticket for one of those huge jackpots worth hundreds of millions, we take calls on air and have people share with us what they’d do with the money. The only stipulation is they have to have at least one selfish item, luxurious, frivolous, fun.

We have the full names and contact info of eleven listeners who called in, and just to share a few examples off the wish list:

Chris says with his $2 million cut he’d take off work for a year and go on the road following around the band Phish.

Amanda would buy her son a Monster Truck and name it Amanda Anaconda.

Bill would buy a motor home and travel the drag racing circuit.

Jim would but land and get all his friends ATVs to go off-roading.

So good luck for that 1 in 302,575,350 shot. I know we won’t win but it’s fun dreaming.

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