A couple thousand convicted criminals were released early from NJ jails last week because of the governor's obsession with COVID. Despite the fact that nearly all positive cases won't result in any sickness whatsoever, let alone death, we have a governor fueling the flames of panic and fear in order to continue his emergency power.

His latest move, to keep you safe of course, was to release 2000+ prisoners into your neighborhood. The governor assured us though that they were not violent criminals, so don't worry. Turns out, that was a lie.

According to the courageous officers working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, more than 80 of these perps had records including, murder, rape, child sex trafficking and other violent accusations and convictions. Thankfully, despite NJ being a sanctuary state standing up for illegal aliens over legal citizens, ICE moved in and rounded up these dangerous convicts.

John Tsoukaris who heads up the Newark Field Office for ICE joined me on the show.

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