It is said that you learn something new every day. And boy did I learn something today when I put a piano out on the street for my city’s bulk garbage service to pick up. I found out that most cities will not pick up pianos. Then, I called one of the “1-800-we’ll-pick-up-your-crap-and-throw-it-in-a-truck-and-haul- it-away” outfits and found out that they also, for the most part, will not take pianos. No charities were willing to take a piano at this level of disrepair, either.

This made for an interesting quandary, for after 20 years, 4 kids and seven grandchildren had their way with it, what was once a lovely upright in my home was now a mere shadow of its former self. The question: What do you do with a piano that is missing keys, is scribbled on, has broken strings, several types of condiments in its recesses and LEGO’s deftly hidden within its bowels? A helpful Reddit contributor provided the answer: break it up into smithereens, and throw it piece by piece into contractor bags for the garbage men to haul away. And lo and behold that is just what I did-but not before playing my final symphony.

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