Sometimes it seems like we’re living in our own little bubble here at New Jersey 101.5. You never know if your listening public is thinking the same way you do.

With Gov. Phil Murphy‘s approval ratings being as high as they are it’s possible that everybody in New Jersey thinks that he’s a hero except for Dennis and me.

We’ve been very critical of him on the air in his handling of the coronavirus debacle and the whole state shutdown. But it’s not like I get to go out and interview people in to see if they agree or disagree. When you’re out in public, people are just wearing their masks going through life and doing what they gotta do. We don’t get to ask, “So what do you think of all this? Is the governor doing the right thing? Shouldn’t we open restaurants and gyms already?”

But a week away in New England really showed me how many mistakes the governor has made. And how much further along they are in the New England states than we are down here in the Garden State with one of the lowest coronavirus rates in the country. The difference is that here we have a governor who is making decisions based on HIS feelings, HIS opinions, HIS emotions.

So I can’t tell you that I wasn’t slightly pleased when, at a Turnpike rest stop on a drive home from Rhode Island, I saw this picture of the governor. It made me upset just to see him smiling down from the wall at all who entered. It gives me a pit in my stomach to think of how many lives his decisions have ruined. But when I looked closely at the photo I saw it. It was slight, it seemed almost tentative, but there it was. Someone had scribbled over his picture in an act of quiet anger and/or defiance.

I had to look closely to see it. But yes there it was ... a sign that someone felt just like I do — that we’re on the wrong path and being led by a guy who doesn’t seem to care. In a strange way, I was overjoyed to see that someone else ... way up in north Jersey, or maybe passing through just like I was, knows the truth about Fov. Murphy.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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