TRENTON — A police officer is being praised for helping to rescue a distraught man dangling from an 8th floor apartment window on Sunday.

Officer Freddy Jimenez's bodycam shows him entering a room and hearing a man repeatedly saying "do it." The officer makes his way toward the window where a man's hands can be seen holding onto the window sill.

Police told that the officer was at the apartment because the man's wife had died of natural causes.

After Jimenez discovers the man hanging from the window, he grabs him and calls for assistance.

"Sir! Please don't! Sir! Hang on! Grab on! Please!" Jimenez says as he puts his other arm out.

The man then tries to climb back inside and asks Jimenez to grab his leg.

"I don't want to die," the man says several times.

"What are you doing? What did you do that for?" Jiminez asks as the man lays on the ground.

"An outstanding job by Officer Freddy Jimenez, 30,  who's only been on the street for just a little more than a year," Trenton Police spokesman Lt. Stephen Varn told New Jersey 101.5.

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