Voters in Florence, Hillsborough and Monroe spoke up and shot down nearly two hundred million dollars in new spending. Money that would have come directly from local tax increases.

So far, since we started fighting to educate voters about what the politically connected insiders are up to, we've defeated nearly six hundred million in new spending. This is just the start.

But make no mistake, your vote does count.

Without voters turning out by the thousands to stand up to the bullies in the education bureaucracy, this money would have been approved and taxes would go up, again.

Congratulations to all of you that went out of your way to make sure your vote counted despite the change in some polling places and the odd hours, not to mention the timing of the vote in mid-March right after we lost an hour of sleep.

The takeaway here is if you vote, you can save New Jersey. Next step? The June Assembly primaries...challengers to anyone voting for higher taxes. Stay tuned.

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