PATERSON – The unthinkable happened June 12 in Paterson as a family was at their East 38th Street home.

All of a sudden, around 9:30 p.m., a massive clump of ice fell from the sky, damaging some of their roof.

News 12 New Jersey drone
News 12 New Jersey drone

“Out of nowhere you just hear a hollow sound coming down and honestly we didn’t think anything of it and then you just hear a big DOOOOSH!” said Sabrina Gomez to News 12 New Jersey. At the time of the incident, Gomez said she saw a plane fly over her home.

News 12 New Jersey drone
News 12 New Jersey drone

Paul Gomez said the block landed in a third-floor closet “in an area we don’t really use,” according to Paterson police told the family to avoid use of the second floor out of an abundance of caution.

A claim has been filed for the Federal Aviation Administration to look over.

The Gomez family is lucky to have no injuries from the freak accident, but it’s likely their roof will have to be replaced.

Not the only time

Most recently in 2023, a meteorite crashed on a Mercer County property. The meteorite damaged the roof of a home in the Titusville section of Hopewell. The object was not radioactive, according to police in Hopewell.

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