On May 18, 2017, a madman purposely drove through Times Square in New York with the sole purpose of killing those in his path. He succeeded in killing one young teen from Michigan, while 22 others were hurt, some very seriously.

There were two teenage girls from Dunellen who were severely hurt in that deliberate act of horror. Destiny Lightfoot 18, and Jessica Williams, 19, were the two girls who experienced life threatening injuries. They were scheduled to graduate this year, they were scheduled to attend the prom this year. Those normal senior high school events will have to wait.

The good news is that Destiny has been released from the hospital and is home recuperating. Jessica has a longer road to recovery and more extensive medical care and procedures ahead. I spoke with Jessica’s mom Elaine this week and couldn’t help but hold back my emotions as she described the extensive damage done to her beautiful daughter, and the amazing positive spirit that she prevails.

Go Fund Me pages have been set up for both Jessica, who will require ongoing care, and Destiny who was released shortly after surgery. Please consider joining me in helping to support these two young adults on their road to recovery.

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