Our capitol city has been mired in corruption, debt, crime and poverty for decades. One man has set out to change all of that and he needs your help.

Reed Gusciora is the new Mayor of Trenton and he understands that in order for the city to rise up and return to its glory days of prosperity and safety, he's got to empower cops and bring in new money. You can't have economic prosperity without public safety. And for all of the economic empowerment zones and tax breaks for companies to relocate, no one is going anywhere unless the streets are safe and Reed gets it.

Over this past weekend, he worked with cops and kids filming a documentary that fostered a conversation between local kids and law enforcement.He joined me Monday morning to discuss it and proudly mentioned one of the kids saying he now wants to be a cop himself.

Most of the conversation following my interview with Reed was about practical politics. Implementing ideas and empowering business in order to being opportunity into a depressed area. You don't hear the Mayor of Trenton talking about a universal income, which doesn't mean he doesn't support the concept, I honestly don't know, but he understands that unless you bring in business capital, the city can't survive.

He's openly talking about working with the federal government to offer economic opportunities to businesses priced out of cities like Philadelphia. He's not talking about the destructive politics of the "resistance" movement. Unlike his Democratic counterpart in the Governors office who spends his time taking down flags and suing Trump, Reed is talking to cops about walking the beat and knowing the neighbors. He's talking about lower taxes to create higher revenue by boosting the economy. Public safety and prosperity. I call him the "Trump of Trenton.

When left-wing politicians who sincerely want to empower people meet the reality of needing economic opportunity, they do one of two things: they choose to attack the taxpayers and successful business to redistribute wealth (sound familiar?) OR in the case of Trenton mayor Reed Gusciora, they reach out to make friends and influence businesses to voluntarily relocate to where they can help his constituents the most.

New Jersey needs more Reeds and fewer Murphys in office. Make your choice in the upcoming legislative elections. For now, consider moving your business to Trenton. Contact the mayor's office at 609-989-3844.

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