UPDATE, MONDAY, MARCH 25: Legislators have pulled a bill to legalize recreational marijuana after failing to securer enough support in the state Senate

So it comes down to this. Legalization of recreational marijuana is being voted up or down on Monday in the Assembly and the Senate. It's something polls show most of you in New Jersey are in favor of, and we could certainly use the tax money. Yet the effort is still several votes shy in both the Senate and the Assembly. Governor Murphy has been on a last minute blitz, practically begging these holdouts to vote yes. For him, and many people, it is a matter of social justice, with black people smoking weed at the same rate as white people, yet blacks are charged and convicted three times more than whites.

I have it on good authority that Sen. Paul Sarlo, Sen. Joe Lagana, and Sen. Nia Gill are all undecided or leaning no. Sen. Shirley Turner is said to be an almost hard no but might be convinced. On the Republican side a source tells me Sen. Declan O'Scanlon is willing to vote yes but wants a stronger reassurance of how the money will be spent.

They say timing is everything. 120 lawmakers are going to walk into their offices come Monday morning. You have time to flood their emails with your opinion. If they walk in Monday to an avalanche of support in their inboxes it could push this over the finish line.

But how to contact them?


Click on this link. This takes you to an easy way to email any legislator. Put in your municipality from the drop down menu, then click find representatives. Check the boxes next to all that pop up then hit select. You'll see an easy form to fill out with a field for your message. Rest assured your email urging the passage of the marijuana bill will go to your legislator's inbox!

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