Listen, all of us who reside in the southern region of the Garden State aren't too keen on being grouped in with the rest of New Jersey.

If we're traveling and the first thing people ask us is if we know Snooki and JWoww from MTV's "Jersey Shore," let's just say we won't exactly be thrilled with the question. By the way, the answer for most of us is "no." Although, I have to admit, I personally LOVE both of them.

Sure, not all of North Jersey fits into the typical Jersey stereotype, but almost NO PARTS of South Jersey do. That in and of itself is worth highlighting.

We played a little game on Facebook where we asked you to finish this sentence:

South Jersey residents wasted no time highlighting exactly what makes us, well, us! We took the best answers and came up with a list of 21 facts that all South Jersey residents know to be true.

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