The summer season has arrived at the Jersey Shore, classified as that period between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. With that also starts another season at the Jersey Shore... Benny & shoobie season.

To be clear, bennies and shoobies are not quite the same as tourists. They may share some of the same traits, but bennies and shoobies are in a different league. So consider this a friendly PSA to help you spot a benny or shoobie during the summer months.

Who knows, you might even learn something new and realize that you're a benny or shoobie yourself. The more of these traits there are, the more likely you've spotted a benny or shoobie.

With that said, here are five things to watch for when looking for bennies or shoobies during the summer season at the Jersey Shore.

1) They might wear socks with sandals

The lower part of men's feet in white socks and sandals
Mykola Komarovskyy

Probably one of the biggest characteristics. Bennies and shoobies seem to think this is typical beach footwear. Are they just embarrassed of their feet? Or is this high fashion for them? It's a mystery. But they get bonus points if they're also wearing a Hawaiian shirt, along with socks and sandals.

2) They might have an artificial tan


You're going to the beach in summer... you're going to tan. Unless you glob on the sunscreen, getting a natural tan while visiting on vacation is a perfectly normal thing. For some reason, however, bennies and shoobies like to lay it on thick with the artificial tans. Perhaps the ones who are good at it can make it look somewhat natural, but most of the time, you're not fooling anyone.

3) They might talk loudly

Angry man yelling

Is it really that important for the person who's 100 feet away to hear what you have to say? Does it make you feel important to shout your thoughts? I mean, there's nothing wrong with having a casual conversation, just don't get so loud about it. Nobody outside of who you're speaking to needs to hear your conversation. It's cool, we won't be offended if we can't hear who broke up with who.

4) They might be clueless on our roads

Angry woman driver. Rushing to work. Traffic jam. Busy life. Teenager reckless driving.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ah yes, bennies and shoobies on our roads. Sometimes, it can be amusing. I mean, some of them have no idea how to navigate a circle or jug handle. But that amusement can quickly turn into frustration once their actions cause major delays. Aside from the above, they're also famous for not using turn signals, so watch out for lane changes without warning. Although they can have New Jersey plates, it's more common for them to be associated with plates from our neighboring states.

5) They might be clueless as to who they really are

Confused guy

Perhaps my favorite one of all. Bennies and shoobies have no idea that they're bennies or shoobies. And if you're confused by this one, or match most or all of the above characteristics, then there's a good possibility that you... yes, you.... might be a benny, or shoobie.

There certainly are many more traits then the five mentioned above, so feel free to comment and share the ones you've noticed. Oh, and before I forget. If any of the people described above resemble any of the people shown below, there's a chance.... a good chance.... that you might've spotted a benny or shoobie.

Jersey Shore Cast
Elisabetta Villa, Getty Images

Welcome to summer at the Jersey Shore!

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