Cars are harder to steal these days thanks to technology. That doesn't mean thieves don't still want them. In fact, when a car thief really has their sights set on your vehicle the outcome could be more dangerous and confrontational. A carjacking.

Think about the tragic encounter in the parking garage at The Mall at Short Hills a few Christmases ago. That's when Dustin Friedland was confronted by a group of men and shot to death in front of his wife.

In 2016 11,308 vehicle were stolen in New Jersey. If you don't want to be added to such a list check out this video I came across. It's examples of new ways thieves are trying to get your car or outright carjack you, along with how you can prevent it. Just be warned, the last one about the coin in the door handle isn't valid. I already checked that one out for you on Snopes.

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