Video by Winslow Township Police

What a hero. It's not your typical story about a hero, but one worth sharing.

Despite all the negativity and the false narrative about police officers that seem to dominate the media, one little boy in Winslow Township stood up to honor the men and women in blue. Yup, a 5-year-old boy. He saved up his allowance for months to buy lunch for the local cops in his town.

According to his mother he wanted to buy them lunch so they could "rest and protect the town."

William "Bubba" Evertz Jr. is our #BlueFriday honoree this week. The Winslow Township cops made him an honorary officer for his thoughtful positive deed.

William "Bubba" Evertz Jr. was made an honorary officer by Winslow Township Police (Winslow Police).

Watching most news, you'd think that this sentiment is rare, but the reality is there are many millions of kids and parents across the nation that value, honor and respect the job police officers do every day. But often, those voices are silent, or drowned out by a few agenda-driven loudmouths.

We're proud to say that this young man who stood up with his family is from New Jersey.

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