Here’s a question coming soon to New Jersey. With the approval of home delivery of medical marijuana doesn’t it follow that tipping etiquette will be needed?

First of all, the backstory on this is home delivery was already supposed to be going on. But it was only Thursday that the state finally announced a waiver to let it begin. Last summer Gov. Murphy signed Jake Honig’s law to greatly expand Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program and home delivery was supposed to be part of it.

It was never launched until now, according to

Now this isn’t a pizza. This is something you need a doctor’s prescription just to get. Having it delivered to your home is concerning for drivers considering a lot of people would like to get at that delivery. Also this is a cash business. Even at dispensaries you cannot pay for it any other way, so delivery drivers will be at risk since they’ll be carrying lots of cash on them.

See where this is going?

You can’t just hand the guy five bucks can you? Like I said, this is no pizza. That will come about an hour later. Do you tip on a percentage for medical weed like at a restaurant? But yikes, medical marijuana is expensive. Would a flat 20 bucks do the trick? When I get groceries delivered at home on occasion I tip $20 and it seems about right.

Or should there be no tipping at all. Since this is medical in nature would it be the same as tipping a nurse or a pharmacist? Something you just don’t do?

Do we just hand the guy a Pink Floyd album and call it a day?

Also is it going to be discrete or will they try to capitalize on the marketing opportunity by having a Domino’s Pizza-style sign on the roof of their car all lit up. Greenleaf Tonight ... there in thirty minutes or you get a free one hitter! Neighbors might get chatty.

Hell I’m still getting used to the fact you can rent someone’s apartment for a weekend and sleep in their bed or have a half hour to kill and go make money being a cab driver using your own car. So this business model of marijuana delivered to your home is a bit of a mind blower.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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