How do you celebrate your favorite team becoming World Series Champions? You might have a party, or go out with some friends. The Boston Red Sox won The World Series last night, and their fans decided to celebrate in an untraditional way...

These Boston fans celebrated their team's victory over St. Louis by flipping cars and rioting. Students flooded the streets, and climbed on street signs, taxis, and other street fixtures. Nine arrests were reported from the riots outside of Fenway Park.

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Red Sox Win World Series

The celebrations were even crazier at UMass Amherst, where at least ten arrests were made. The police had to fire tear gas at rioters who were throwing things at them.

Watch the footage from the riots in the videos below.

This car was trying to leave Fenway Park when Red Sox Fans flipped it over in celebration of their victory.

The owners of this car will be surprised to find their car in a different position from when they parked it.

The atmosphere at UMass Amherst turned from fun and friendly to violent throughout the night.

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