The leaders of the NJ assembly and senate are planning to sue the Governor over his attempt to make it easier for some people to carry a handgun for protection.

They think that every pizza delivery driver, cab driver or anyone that works in a dangerous neighborhood will apply for a permit.

Guess what? They should!

A large number of states, including Texas and Florida, where I've visited in the last month, allow their citizens to apply for permits, and carry guns. The criminal element is far less likely to try anything knowing a potential victim could be armed, and the crime stats bear that out.

I feel safe there, knowing that law abiding, licensed, decent people are armed and ready to fend off the bad guys if confronted. This is such a foreign concept here in New Jersey that it's an embarrassment and an affront to our liberty and safety. It's been this way in this state since 1924!

Amazing that very few seem to mind that we are at the mercy of those who don't follow the law and would want to do us harm and very few people care.

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