Occasionally I have been checking out monologues on late night TV to see how they are positioning and delivering their monologues with no audience.

I've done stand-up many times mostly a long time ago. The interaction of the audience and the immediate response and feedback is essential to comedy success.

Some would argue that I don't get that response when I tell my silly jokes on my radio show. That's true that I don't, but I have worked most of those jokes in front of my live audiences when I'm making appearances.

I have to admit some of the monologues on late night TV have been painfully horrible without an audience. I've seen some funny viral stuff on the internet, but it's mostly flat in delivery.

I can't wait for my friends in comedy to get back in front of welcoming fans again.

This thought has led to my wanting to share an appearance on my TV show, The Big Joe Henry Variety Show of Joseph Anthony a good comedian who had the audience in the palm of his hand. He works the crowd well, check it out. Enjoy this moment of comedy.

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