They've been called "The Godfathers of Progressive Rock," with nearly 50 million records sold. Now, through the magic of technology, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, who once sang "Welcome back, my friends to the show that never ends," will be able to keep their show going Tuesday night, Nov. 22, at the Shea Center in Wayne. This is despite the fact that both Keith Emerson and Lake are no longer with us.

Carl Palmer, their legendary drummer will be there with his ELP legacy band and they will actually perform with both Emerson and Lake on video screens much like the way John Lennon was able to sing with Paul Mccartney on his latest tour. Palmer explained on my New Jersey 101.5 radio show:

Carl Palmer- Courtesy
Carl Palmer- Courtesy

"In the mid-90s, we recorded two nights at the Royal Albert Hall, in the center of London, which is one of our most famous venues and holds about 5000," says Palmer. "And we recorded both nights, five cameras shoot. And we had a proper mobile recording unit. So everything was recorded individually, which meant we could draw up the mistakes."


"So, long story short," says Palmer, "it got done and it got released on a DVD. Emerson Lake and Palmer, right, Live at the Royal Albert Hall,. It got released on Sanctuary and then sanctuary was bought out by Universal, so it kind of got lost in the wash."


"I looked it up the other day, we sold about 12,000 copies on the global level, which we were really disappointed with. But like now, I'm very happy with that particular footage. I've now taken, I spent nine weeks or whatever editing to see how much I can get because I basically already keep taking myself out of the video as it were. But I just have the main people. I'm going to be live on stage and they'll project me onto another screen."

Check out the incredible sizzle reel here.

It started out emotional for Palmer:

"'It was a bit emotional that first week, but I got it sorted out after about 9 weeks, and I've ended up with seven or eight, I can't remember exactly, pieces of me playing along with them.  So what I'm using is Greg Lake and Keith Emerson, at their very best, playing their best."

Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer- courtesy
Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer- courtesy

The band approved.

"It was approved by the band so I know that this is something that they would absolutely love. This is the most honest way because this is them."


"That's how the shows are made up," Says Palmer. "I've got my band also here with me, Paul Bielatowicz on lead guitar, Simon Fitzpatrick on the Chapman, stick around we'll be playing pieces like "Tarkus" the ELP's catalog. "Carmina Burana", "Hoedown" from the Rodeo Suite written by Aaron Copelan."

As for the Emerson Lake and Palmer songs:

"The Emerson Lake and Palmer tracks I've got "Lucky Man,"  "From the Beginning," "Welcome Back My Friends." It's gonna be it's about an hour and 45 minutes show. So all in all, this is the best way to have done it."

Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Courtesy
Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Courtesy

The families of the band:

"I've involved both families, by the way. The Emersons are totally behind it; Aaron Emerson, Keith's eldest son, (is) totally behind the project. They're not coming over to see this particular tour. It's only 10 days,  Regina Lake very, very happy. And I know that Greg and Keith would have been just over the moon. I mean, they approved the DVD and they got released anyway, you know. We certified it, and the band said yes; that's going out. So what I'm using is material that is them; it's the real deal, it's not a hologram"

History in the making:

"So this is kind of the bit of history in the making," says Palmer. "This is like six, seven songs I'm playing with them. We're playing as a band, and it's only me really there; the others are in the film, but the footage is fantastic."

ELP return promo- Courtesy
ELP return promo- Courtesy

Nothing like you've ever seen:

"McCartney just did something like this right with Lennon at the back of the stage with Paul singing some harmonies and stuff" says Palmer. "So I think this is the way our music business might be going. But anyway, I'm putting my foot on the gas here. And I'm going to try and drive this home. And we'll see what happens in the future. But right now, I just got these 10 concerts, prior to Christmas, prior to the holidays. We'll take it from there. And I'm... I'm excited about it to be honest."

To get tickets for "Welcome Back My Friends, The Return of Emerson Lake and Palmer" click here.

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