TINTON FALLS — There's a phone number to dial if the stink from a local landfill seems to be worse than usual.

Monmouth County has a hotline for residents who want to report an odor complaint related to the reclamation center located off of Asbury Ave.

Residents say and officials acknowledge that the foul smell has been stronger this year.

According to Waste Management, which operates the landfill, a very wet winter impacted their ability to contain gases emitting from the debris. Rain moves the soil around, making it easier for gases to escape, while creating poor conditions for machinery to address the issue.

MCRC landfill in Tinton Falls (Google Maps)
Google Maps

Work is underway to limit the issue for locals. County officials in late February noted that materials were being ordered to improve gas containment by the end of May.

To file a smell complaint directly with a "Monmouth County Environmental Heath Investigator," you can dial the hotline at 732-599-ODOR (6367). The line accepts calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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