For many decades political pundits, corporate media voices and local politicians made decisions on certain assumptions based on race and ethnicity.

Many political conversations start with the assumption that "black and brown" voters somehow must all be Democratic voters. Given the dismissive nature of so many politicians who take minority votes for granted, not the least of which is the first lady who compared Hispanic voters to "breakfast tacos," many voters are leaving the Democrats.

Jill Biden
Jill Biden (Mike Blake/Pool via AP)

One thing I have talked about for years is that when people start voting for results instead of race, and look for policy leaders who will fight to make life better in New Jersey, they will take a look at the Republican Party. The challenge is that for the past few decades the GOP has failed to offer an effective and welcoming alternative.

Most Republican so-called leaders in the state settle for scraps off the table of the majority and don't speak up strongly and lead. The great news is all of that is changing.

With hundreds of brand new, first-time candidates headed to the ballot for local school board elections this fall AND dozens of qualified, competent leaders preparing to enter the legislative primaries in 2023, change is in the air.

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One indicator of what is happening is that our grassroots organization Common Sense Club is closing in on 65,000 members with more than 2,000 New Jerseyans signing up every week. Another sign is the leadership of people like former Rochelle Park Mayor Frank Valenzuela.

He joined me on air this week to discuss the specific outreach that he and other Hispanic leaders are doing to open the door for Hispanic voters to join the local Republicans.

On Sunday, July 17 from 12 to 4 p.m. he's holding a huge event at the American Legion Post 170 outdoor pavilion in Rochelle Park to welcome families, small business owners and concerned citizens to hear from the many Hispanic GOP leaders already in office.

Speakers include my friend Assemblyman Christian Barranco, who is the lead Assembly sponsor for our "Parental Bill of Rights." Plenty of food, fun and festivities for all!

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