Highlands Municipal Building (Google Street View)

Highlands mayor Frank Nolan has apologized for his Facebook comments calling out the Monmouth County borough's "barren people"

As part of a post on his official Facebook page Saturday, Mayor Frank Nolan said that the Monmouth County town has "some barren people" who put a "bad spin on our entire town as far as social media goes." Nolan characterized them as people who are "angry and they hate everyone else's success."

I would encourage everyone to get out with their children today it is beautiful. We have some barren people in our town...

Posted by Highlands Mayor Frank Nolan on Saturday, February 20, 2016

On Monday afternoon, Nolan wrote in a knew post that "after ten years of service between being a councilman and mayor, I would hope the residents know I was not directing my comments to the entire population, women, or any other broad demographics of the population."

He said he was tired of the "vengeful, hateful, mean spirited group that has hijacked our town through social media," naming the HighlandsNJ Facebook group, and saying people mistakenly think it represents the borough.

"Their track record is usually half truths, illegal firings, illegal hirings, bullying, using the media outlets for their agenda like the Asbury Park Press article today and all the tilt up articles I the past, and being sore losers (like the lawyer) issue, and saying no one on the council should speak about a certain issue and then their spouses or family goes on and spreads half truths.

He apologized for his choice of language.

Good afternoon. I wanted to respond to some of the comments I made over the weekend and hopefully communicate my...

Posted by Highlands Mayor Frank Nolan on Monday, February 22, 2016


Highlands Councilman Doug Card and Councilwoman Claudette D'Arrigo told the Asbury Park Press that the mayors comments were related to a political fight in the town — a lawsuit Nolan filed over the appointment of a municipal lawyer when the council refused to reappoint Nolan's choice.

Many reactions to the initial post were disappointed that Nolan would made such statements.

"I would expect more from an elected official. ... This is unprofessional, unbecoming, and reflects poorly on our borough," posted Jen Olsen.

"And we wonder why Highlands just keeps getting worse. This town and its people are running itself and themselves into the ground. One day this town will be forced to merge with a surrounding municipality and Highlands will lose it's identity. If that's what it takes to get this town back in shape, I hope it happens," wrote Kyle Crawford.