If you own or operate a business in New Jersey you know the number one obstacle to your success IS the state of New Jersey. From the over abundance of taxes and regulations, to hidden rules and laws that leave you open to lawsuits just for trying to operate efficiently, the state is a business killer. The knuckleheads in Trenton, many of whom couldn't operate a lemonade stand, have painted businesses into a corner and hold them up for money every quarter, like the Mafia. Scratch that, the Mafia would be much easier to deal with.

Ask any business owner who's survived more than 10 years in this state and get ready for an education in civic entrepreneurial destruction and terrorism. They should make all of us pay our taxes quarterly, like businesses do, and write a check from your own sweat and toil and see how you like it. What do they get for their money? More rules and regulations that make it harder to operate. Take the new "package of bills" being forwarded in the legislature to promote apprenticeships. Sounds good, right? Businesses can hire and train people for the skills needed to work for them.

You can bet written into these bills will be needless regulations and requirements that will limit a business owner's options in who they can hire and for what tax breaks. How about eliminating regulations and reducing taxes to allow businesses to flourish and offer real opportunities to real interested young people? Some of these bills are aimed at "historically under represented". Well they should go out and make their own history by representing themselves properly and pursuing the opportunities by proving themselves.

The free market is part of the solution to any employment opportunity issue. The other part is ambition. The more we become dependent on government to "provide" opportunities, the less able we are to make our own way. That's what this country is about: opportunity. Not another stupid f***ing government program set up by bureaucrats and politicians who don't know a thing about how business works.

As a business owner in New Jersey you are sure to get your heart or spirit broken if you survive enough years to make any money. Then, if you don't get sued, bankrupted by state and federal taxes and regulated into debt, then you might be tough enough to compete in the business you're in. If every member of the state legislature, the governor's office, and the countless faceless bureaucrats swapped jobs with all of the business owners in the state for two months, two things would happen. The government people would s*** their pants and have a nervous breakdown and the business people would finally fix the bull**** that goes on in Trenton once and for all!

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