courtesy (noun) - the showing of politeness in one’s behavior toward others.

Jersey (noun) - a place where the weak get eaten, men snack on barbed wire and Chuck Norris would be considered a pansy.

Did you know it’s Driver Courtesy Month? I think the guy I cut off on 287 had a bumper sticker about it by I was going way too fast to read it.

Driver Courtesy Month is an invention of the National Motorists Association. They set September aside as a time to brush up on the concept of ‘others’.

And they came up with a handy dandy 15 question quiz to let you know how much brushing up you need.

“No matter what the score, the nature of the quiz explains the answer, so you learn,” Steve Carrellas, NMA New Jersey policy director, explained to “The real object is to learn.”

Oh, I learned all right.

I learned that the five of the fifteen questions I got wrong were bunk. Example. They ask if when you get on a highway do you stay in the right lane. If I want to get home in a year, sure. But my honestly saying I drive in the fast lane and get over whenever someone wants to go even faster was rewarded with points off.

Or I’m driving on a single lane road with no passing. If someone comes up behind me going faster do I look for a place to pull over to let them by? Uh, hell no?! I’m already usually going 7 to 10 above the speed limit. If they’re showing me they’re intent on going faster that means they’re tailgating me. Single lane, no passing equals deal with it.

Then there’s the one about whether at a red light I check my phone or I sit like Johnny Citizen scanning the roadway for safety even though I’m not moving an inch. Guess what Boy Scout, I’m checking my phone because at present it does NOT violate law.

For all my honesty I was marked with only 10 of 15 correct. Anything for which I got marked off was actually not impacting anyone else, except for that aforementioned douche trying to tailgate me on a single lane no passing when I’m already 10 over.

If you want to find out how courteous of a driver you are take the test here. You could even end up winning a prize.

As far as the scoring? Here in the Dirty Jerz we have a name for anyone who scores 15 out of 15.


The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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