With limited options for dining or entertainment this winter, people are looking for something to do to get out of the house. This past Sunday, I took a quick ride over to a county park or trail, that I've past dozens of times on my alternate way home from work. When you have a 42-mile ride to work, you look for alternative routes. While winding through the little village of Vincentown, I've noticed a small parking lot with a Greenacres signpost indicating a trail in a park.

Dennis Malloy photo

It always looked like an interesting place to check out, but when you're driving home, you just wanna get home! Sunday was a pretty nice day for January, so I put on the gloves and heavy jacket and headed out to Eagles Walk Park in Vincentown. It's a nice walk in the woods, with trails that sometimes hug a branch of the Rancocas Creek.

New Jersey has so many county and state parks, you could spend the rest of your weekends on this earth trying to enjoy all of them. You probably live within a ten-minute drive of a pretty decent county park. You don't even have to go to one of "the best" to find a slice of natural beauty and some much-needed peace and tranquility, especially this time of year when the crowds are pretty sparse.  You can also scout out those signs that say Green Acres and check to see if it has any trails to explore. It'll do us all some good to get some fresh air and look at something other than a screen. These are free, Netflix aint!

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