Phil Murphy governs New Jersey like the Rolling Stones write music. John Lennon once said that they would wait for the Beatles to come out with an album, then do the same thing a few months later.

Last week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo decreed that New York residents can only have 10 people at their Thanksgiving holidays, and now Gov. Jagger (he should only be that cool), I mean Murphy, has imposed the same restrictions on New Jersey. If only he would just "Let It Be."

Since when did we become "The Republic of New Jersey?" Who the hell is this governor to tell us how many people we can have in our homes on the day we give thanks? Why 10? Is that what the science says or what Cuomo says? Why are we following what Cuomo says when his residents are leaving in droves to move to New Jersey? Next, we'll have to send Murphy our Thanksgiving guest list for approval. Perhaps he could mandate macaroni on the Thanksgiving table. Now THAT I could get behind, but I digress.

Comedian the Rev. Bob Levy came on my show last Thursday night, Nov. 12 and said, "This is getting crazy now, you can't have ten people in New York. I want to move back to New York and try to find 10 friends and become friends with people so I can get up to eleven. Just to make him (Cuomo) mad."

The point is, by now we all know the facts and the rules when it comes to COVID-19. It should be your decision as to how you want to live your life and spend your Thanksgiving. Exactly what happens if you're caught with more than 10 people at your house? Does he throw you into the jail that he just let the prisoners out of for fear of COVID-19?

This time like so many other times, Murphy has gone too far playing his COVID card. I've never heard of a governor or leader anywhere telling you what you can and can't legally do inside your own home. This "Murphy Madness" has got to stop!

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