There's no such thing as a free lunch and in New Jersey no such thing as the free community college which will be starting this fall. Somebody's picking up the tab and that would be we the taxpayers. My question is why are we doing this? Shouldn't college be something you work for instead of something you're given?

It's one thing for the state to provide you with an education to give you a fighting chance in adulthood, but when you become an adult, you should be on your own. If you want to go to college, then you find a way to pay and if Governor Murphy wants to send you to college, then he can use his own money or whatever he can raise from his rich friends to send you there. They have the money to spare, we don't. As Assemblyman Jon Bramnick said on my show, "He's a big spender. He's got a lot of money to spend, but it's your money. If he'd put his hand in his own pocket I wouldn't have a problem."

It seems with things like providing lawyers for illegals, and now free community college, Governor Murphy is being way to philanthropic with our tax dollars. We're not the ultra rich who attend lavish fundraisers to raise money for a good cause. Many of us are middle class people who work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. We have enough trouble providing college for our own children or lawyers for our own problems, let alone take on everyone else's.

David Socolow, Higher Education Student Assistance Authority executive director, said students often don’t think they can afford college tuition and so don’t even apply for financial aid that is possible. I can't believe that with all the guidance counselors, teachers, parents, and relatives out there that a student who sincerely wants to go to college would not be curious enough to at least find out what it costs and what aid is available to them. But whatever course those who want to go to college take, it should be their responsibility, not ours.

You appreciate something more when you work for it than when it's handed to you. We're working too hard for what little we've got to be just providing for everyone. Just like those who came before found a way to get to and through college, those that are coming now can do the same. They'll be better for it.

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