It's one thing for Governor Murphy to disagree with President Trump's policy on immigration but it's another thing for him to use our money to help defend those who came to this country illegally. New Jersey set aside $2.1 million to help immigrants facing deportation in the state, money that advocates say will go a long way in helping but still falls short of the estimated cost of legal representation. Don't we as CITIZENS of New Jersey get a say in that? Especially when our taxes are being raised to the point of nickel bags?

If Governor Murphy and anyone else wants to defend those here illegally, he/they should use their own money to do it. They can set up charities, hold rallies, gofundme pages, hold bake sales, even sell mums, but in no way should they be using our tax dollars.

I feel sorry for those legal citizens in New Jersey saddled with legal fees of their own who must not only pay those, but must chip in to cover the cost of someone they never met or may not want here in the first place. Worse yet, what about those good people who have come here legally and are paying thousands of dollars for lawyers to complete the process that will one day have them reciting the Pledge of Allegiance- who pays for their legal fees? I guess that's what you get for trying to do it right. Maybe they should sneak out and sneak back in again.

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