Phil Murphy has a chance to be a hero in New Jersey. All he has to do is allow graduations. He's thinking about it. I hope he's dreaming about it. I can see Murphy having a recurring nightmare where he sees high school and college seniors all wearing those "Don't Be A Knucklehead" t-shirts as they march by him on the way not to a stage but out of New Jersey.

I can see him waking up in a cold sweat saying "I'm not a knucklehead, period full stop" Then hopefully in a Scrooged morning after moment, he sees a high school senior and screams out the window, "you will not be screwed out of graduation! Happy Graduation to all everyone."

The governor has taken flack for closing the parks and beaches, which were later reopened, although it took a week for the restrooms to catch up. He has put many small businesses out of business which forced many to unemployment which takes forever. He has closed the places of worship, I still can't believe the religious leaders let that happen, but of all the things the governor has done during this pandemic, what upset us most is not being able to hold live graduations.

It's time for the governor to right that wrong. Hold them on football fields, in airports, however they see fit but it's time to make it happen. He seems to be leaning in that direction. Here's hoping he makes it happen, for his sake as well as ours. Governor Murphy, when it comes to live graduations, I think I speak for all of New Jersey when I say "Don't Be A Knucklehead."

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