Who speaks for taxpaying citizens in New Jersey? Clearly it's not the Governor who is more interested in giving away your money to pay for illegal aliens to fight the federal government in court and having you subsidize their college education.

It's definitely not the Senate President who is solidly in the pocket of rich special interest insiders who push legislation and generous tax breaks in the shadows beyond the reach of the scrutiny of elected officials.

After watching two nights of debates with national Democrats vying for a chance to take on President Trump in 2020, it's clear that they don't speak for you either. The takeaway from the debates is if the Democrats win the White House you can expect cops to be blamed for street violence, illegals to be prioritized over citizens and legal immigrants and you to bear the brunt of stopping climate change.

The climate change issue is perhaps the most out-of-control panic issue coming from the Democrats. Is the planet warming? Yup and it has been since the end of the little ice age in the mid nineteenth century way before you were taking the kids back and forth to soccer in the SUV.

Sea level is also rising, measured in millimeters per year, but it's not because of your fossil fuel burning, jet-setting life style. Actually one of the main contributors to ice melt at the ice caps is underwater volcanic activity. Not sure how a carbon tax is gonna offset a volcano though and we're certainly not going to be under water in a decade.

Despite these peer-reviewed, scientific facts, the leading candidates for President on the Democratic side want you to be guilty. Guilty that your plastic straws and bags are ruining the environment, they're not of course. Guilty that children are being torn away from parents at the border even though it's clear our border patrol agents are doing incredible work to ensure kids are not being subject to human trafficking. Guilty that you have a job, a roof over your head and steady meals. So guilty in fact that they are coming for your money. In the name of fairness of course.

So if you think it's anything, but fair, if you believe you earned your slice of the American dream, if you believe that you ought to be able to keep more of your hard earned money and provide for your kids without interference and intrusion from the government, then stand with me as we call out these interlopers who are desperate to wreck the middle class and extend their own power and wealth at your expense.

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