We'll start the day with the phone numbers for the four legislative members of the state house commission. If the commission votes down the $300 million renovation boondoggle then the governor has to start over. We defeated the book deal. We can defeat this egregious waste of your money. Gotta act!

Here's the list of contact information for the commission members so we can put a stop to this $300 million disaster.

NJ Statehouse Commission

Sen. Bob Smith – Contact # 732-752-0070

Sen. Gerry Cardinale – Contact #- (201) 567-2324 or (862) 248-0491

Assemblyman Dave Rible – Twitter @AsmDaveRible

Contact # 732-974-0400 or 732-974-2564

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty

Contact # - 856-232-6700 or 856-401-3073

We came really close to preventing the gas tax hike and now we can do it again. Have your voice heard, don't allow this plan to go through without a fight!

I'm actually heading to the Statehouse tomorrow for Christie's budget hearing. I want you to vote on whether or not I should wear some construction gear when I go there.

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