What are New Jerseyans most interested in buying? Before a purchase there’s often an internet search. That was the thinking at sharebly.net where they tasked some folks with researching which products were searched for on Google the most often state by state.

Would it all be pretty much the same thing? I mean a pandemic started last year so would it all be face masks and Clorox wipes?

Or would it be particular to the characteristics of each state? Would Florida with its elderly population be all Ensure drinks and compression stockings and denture cleaner? Would Oregon be everything hipsters might want?

The results were…weird.

So here in New Jersey, where you might think it would be lawn chairs in the summer and shovels in the winter, it wasn’t anything that would indicate Jersey at all.

The products searched most often on Google in New Jersey were:

Amazon Echo
Starter jackets
Prada perfume
Gucci fanny pack

Huh. I guess nothing says New Jersey like a designer fanny pack?

So actually what about the others I mentioned? What about Florida and Oregon?


Guy Fieri cookware
Car bra
Boyfriend arm pillow (if you don’t know about this sad invention click here)


Clip-on ties
Anti-snore pillow
Homebrew supplies
Hunting apparel

The full article on sharebly mentions the weirdest are Indiana and Ohio. You be the judge.


Tiddy bear (here’s what it is)
Cloche hats
Shark costume
Blow-up dolls

Shark costumes? Blow-up dolls? Who knew Indiana was so kinky!


Kate Spade fitness tracker
Zombie garden gnome
Nose hair trimmer
Denim vest
Indoor putting green
Camo lingerie

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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