We see so many stories asking for help on GoFundMe campaigns and I wish I could post all of them. Some of them are so heartbreaking that you want to be able to help whenever you can. If you're an animal lover, you will be touched at this story. It really can save an animal‘s life (he’s only 6). It’s not a huge amount so if a bunch of people get together, we can all help in no time.

There were big plans for this very special dog, Brutus, a six-year-old French bulldog from Voorhees Animal Orphanage that was kept in a cage along with 11 other dogs and severely abused, malnourished and neglected. Brutus was adopted by a family with two little boys age 7 and 11 who helped care for this traumatized dog while he adjusted to life outside of a cage. Everyone who has met Brutus loves him. The big plan was to rehabilitate him and bring him to nursing homes so that those who live inside can look out the windows and see him.

Four days ago, Brutus was coming down the stairs, as he’s done many times before and took a tumble, leaving him unresponsive and unable to move. He was rushed to Garden State Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls where his family was told that he needs surgery that costs between $6,382 and $6,882.The other option was to “put him to sleep”.

You can help save Brutus’ life and help ease the emotional toll this is taking on the kids, who keep talking about how Brutus needs to get better so he can go visit the people at the nursing home. I know how heartbreaking it is for kids to lose an animal that they love. If you’re so inclined, please visit the Go Fund Me page.

Together, we can help give Brutus a second chance.

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