A New Jersey school teacher is about to attempt breaking the Guinness World Record for most pull ups in a 24 hour period. He needs your help, and all you have to do is watch as a witness. That's it.

Kyle Gurkovich is a middle school teacher in Piscataway, NJ. He's trying to raise money for Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital after being deeply affected by the loss of one of his students to cancer. The current world record for most pull ups in 24 hours is 4,030 held by David Goggins and set on January 19-20 2013. Gurkovich will attempt to shatter this record at Retro Fitness gym in Piscataway, NJ on the weekend of June 14th. He has a real shot at this having been athletic his whole life, constantly training at the gym, swimming, participating in the most extreme Tough Mudder competitions and the like. Building up for the feat he's already done 2,000 pull ups in just 6 hours and 40 minutes. If you want to know how strong he's looking, here's a video of pull ups number 1,996 through 2,000 from that session. After 2,000 pull ups he looks like it could have been his first five rather than his last five.

He needs your help. He needs witnesses to make it official. According to Guinness Book of World Records rules the witnesses have to be personal trainers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, these types of people. He needs two people per four hour shift. If you fit the category and would like to be a witness to history, please contact Kyle as soon as possible by emailing him at kgurkovich@yahoo.com. You have to be truly committed to showing up on time and staying your four hour shift. Remember, he's not doing this for reasons of ego. He's doing this because he's a school teacher who lost a dear kid to cancer. He's doing it to raise awareness and donations for Sloan Kettering Memorial. He's doing it for that boy who didn't make it and all the ones who might. Please help him out. If you can be a witness for this attempt at a world record, email him with all your information at kgurkovich@yahoo.com.

The young man who lost his battle with cancer is Daniel Nols. Daniel is the inspiration behind Kyle's record attempt. Read more about him and how you can help the cause here.