While some are claiming new Jersey is last in patriotism, other are raising the perfect flag for the Garden State, one made of pizza! Outta Hand Pizza is going for a Guinness World Record title for a U.S. flag pizza measuring 9 feet by 4 feet prepared fo the Westfield Summer Night kickoff event.

The pizza was cooked at the pizzeria in Westfield then transported to the lower level parking of lot 3 at the Westfield Train Station with an escort that included Westfield Police Chief Christopher Battiloro in a squad car with the lights flashing. That's the way a pizza should make an entrance!

Pizzeria owner Burim Regjaj said the toughest part of the flag pizza was figuring out how to do the blue sections. They ended up using mozzarella dyed blue. The serving of the pizza was live streamed by Mayor Shelley Brindle and evidence is being submitted to Guinness World Records to have the creation certified.

Outta Hand Pizza said on their facebook page, "We will submit an application with Guinness Book of World Records for largest square pizza and for the largest Flag Pizza in the world, We will update you." Either way, I'm guessing from looking at it that a lot of customers pledged their allegiance.

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