Of course you know there are many businesses in New Jersey that are going through tremendously challenging financial difficulties because of the COVID-19 shut downs. The stories are heartbreaking. But this story tugged at my heart strings just a little bit more, because Popcorn for the People is a NJ business that hires individuals with autism. They’ve had to furlough over 50 workers with autism and are anxious to get them back to work.

Popcorn for the People has been crushed by COVID-19 because they typically sell their goods at events. And I don’t have to tell you what has happened to scheduled events during this pandemic. Online sales are all that can save this company and put those people back to work. The owner of the Piscataway company, Steven Bier, is asking people to buy their popcorn on Amazon and give it a review.

Here’s how he explains the strategy in his letter to NJ 101.5:

“Please go to the link below and buy at least one bag of any flavor popcorn. When the bag is delivered please go onto Amazon and leave a 5 star review. It is important that you wait until AFTER the bag has been delivered before you place your review. Amazon knows when the package arrives at your house. Amazon will penalize us if you give a review before the popcorn arrives. You are able to leave a review for every flavor you buy, and you can buy a bag on every amazon account your family may have.”

With all of the difficulties we’re all suffering, you can’t help everyone. But this company is really making a difference in the special needs community here in NJ so please do what you can to help!

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