Presidential candidate Ted Cruz's wife Heidi has postponed an appearance on Wednesday in New Jersey.

"It was important for Senator and Mrs. Cruz to campaign together in Wisconsin," Scot DeCristofaro, spokesman for the Cruz campaign in New Jersey, said. The fundraiser, scheduled for The Cabin in Haddon Heights, will be rescheduled as the New Jersey primary on June 7 seems to be taking an importance it has not had.

"This could be the first time in my adult lifetime where a New Jersey primary matters," DeCristofaro said. He predicts an "all hands on deck" effort for the New York State primary on April 7 and then a "full press of campaign resources coming to New Jersey" in hopes of picking up the state's 51 Republican delegates in a winner-takes-all contest.

The Wisconsin primary is Tuesday, April 5.

The campaign said that sending Heidi Cruz to New Jersey is an indication of that investment of resources.

The chairman of the Ted Cruz campaign in New Jersey is Steve Lonegan, who challenged Chris Christie for governor in 2009. A week after ending his own presidential campaign, Christie endorsed Donald Trump's candidacy.