CRANFORD — A family got quite the startle on Wednesday when a hawk crashed through a closed bathroom window.

Police said the bird landed in a hot tub, where police found it when they arrived. An officer was able to cover the bird with a tarp, take it outside and get it onto a tree.

Allison Van Hook told CBS New York the hawk made a big noise as it went through the glass. The bird left claw marks "everywhere" in the tub and on the window but it did not appear to be injured, she said.

WIndow of a Cranford home's bathroom after a hawk flew through it (Cranford police)

Van Hook said the bird eventually flew away.

Monmouth County SPCA Executive Director Ross Licitra said if you find a bird or other creature inside your house, make sure everyone in the house is safe, call 911, contain the animal and then get everyone out of the house.

"Don't try to capture it yourself. Let police and animal control come in and deal with the situation," Licitra said.

Another piece of advice about hawks is to turn off the light, according to Popcorn Park Zoo Executive Director John Bergmann.

"They fly during the day. If you can get the room dark, he's just going to sit there," Bergmann said, adding that their talons are big and sharp. "If you try to handle them, you're going to get hurt."

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