EAST BRUNSWICK — New Jersey commuters have one more problem to worry about: the E-ZPass website isn't working properly.

A power outage at a New York facility used by Xerox, the company contracted by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to provide back-office operations and to run the state's E-ZPass website, disrupted their system, according to Turnpike spokesman Thomas Feeney.

Feeney said there is "no impact on equipment in the toll lanes. Transactions are being read and recorded as usual." However, some customer service functions will not be available such as opening a new accounts or make payments on existing accounts. Payments are unable to be accepted at E-ZPass Customer Service Center either.

"Most people have their accounts connected to a valid credit card. This will not impact them at all," Feeney said.

"Users also won’t be able to log into their accounts online to change their addresses or license plate numbers although they can still do those things by calling the Customer Service Center," Feeney said.

"Xerox has been working around the clock to repair it" but problem will persist until the system is brought back Feeney said.

E-ZPass users with accounts from other states have reported similar issues. Feeney did not know what other states contract with Xerox but said New Jersey was not their only state customer.

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