You've seen homeless people in the streets as you drive through the city, begging on the street corners, or at key traffic intersections. Homelessness is becoming a serious problem in New Jersey. 


Do you get nervous when they approach you or your car? Or do you feel angry? Do you reach into your pocket and give them something, or do you just ignore them and hope that the light will change and you can just drive away?

Robert Klein, the legendary comedian had a bit about panhandlers in New York City, you can listen to below.

I take handle these on an individual basis - if I feel like I’m being conned or annoyed, I’ll just walk away. If I feel the person is really in trouble I’ll give them what I can.

Many times, I’ve taken them leftover food. One time when I worked on Thanksgiving, I took a platter to work and ended up giving it to a beggar who came to my car window. The next night, he came back to my window to thank me again. It really made me feel good.

Have you ever had an encounter with a homeless person? How did it go?

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