For years, I have wondered out loud on the air as to why we care about consenting adults having sex. I don't care if it's for an expensive dinner and a movie, a drive to the shore in your cool car, a swipe of your finger on Tinder or for $50.

Yet another bust of a "massage parlor" took place last week in the tiny village of Loch Arbour. As usual they arrested two middle-aged Asian women and charged them with prostitution related offenses. The town is so small they contract out their police work to the neighboring town of Deal.

Someone called in a "tip" about the nefarious activity and the Deal Police and the F-B-freakin-I were called in to raid the place. What utter freakin' nonsense, and a huge waste of time and resources.

Can we all be adults here? It's been happening since the beginning of time and it's never going away. If you decriminalize it you make it safer for everyone involved, the ladies, their clients, police and the community at large.

You don't want it in your neighborhood? By legalizing it, it won't be. It'll be zoned and regulated and yes, even taxed, benefiting everyone in society. I can't believe as "enlightened" as we are about people's preferences and personal choice freedoms that we still act like we are in Puritan Massachusetts, circa 1653.

We should be embarrassed at this nonsensical use of law enforcement and tax dollars. It's time to end the outdated prohibition of this natural act and fair transaction among legal adults. Now that would be my idea of a happy ending!

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