Are renegade, unregistered dirt bikers riding on the street, doing wheelies, and showing off, really a danger to the community, or are they just kids having fun, who could just as easily be causing real trouble by doing drugs or committing real crimes?

There seem to be two ways of looking at it.

The Hammonton Police posted on Facebook Wednesday about two dirt bikers who have been the focus of multiple complaints about riding on the street around other motorists, in residential or business areas, or near pedestrians,

The police asked for help from the public in identifying the bikers.

But several of the people responding to the Facebook post sympathize with the bikers and think the police and those complaining are overreacting.

Responses included...

"Leave them alone, at least those kids aren’t out doing drugs, selling drugs etc. let them have fun"

"The Drugs on the street is the problem around Hammonton ! That’s what they need to Focus on."



"What did they do wrong?"

"Those bikes weren’t near as loud as the lawn tractors and weed whackers, running every weekend"

Of course, many responding do find reason to pursue the bikers and say they are a danger to others and themselves.

"For all of you saying to leave them alone, you obviously don't drive around town much or at all. It doesn't matter if it's a bicycle, dirt bike or quad, I've been aggressively approached by both...they play chicken or impede your travel. Hit one and see what happens to you!"


"Glad you find it funny. Let’s pray for the next time, that one of the kids DON’T gets killed. This is the problem lack of respect!"

So, are off-road bikers riding on the street really criminals or are they just kids being kids?

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