Every Halloween my wife Jodi reminds me to be extra careful driving as you never know when a kid is going to be on the road crossing the street to catch up with his friends.

It's good advice, especially because so many trick-or-treaters are out in the dark and can easily be missed as they pop out from behind that parked car.

Halloween Party With Children Trick Or Treating In Costume

This Halloween a mom and her two kids were crossing the street to make it to the next house when a car reportedly came out of nowhere and hit the mom.

According to witnesses and the mom's own testimony, the car was traveling fast and hit the mom as she pushed her kids out of the way to safety. The passenger got out of the vehicle to yell at the victim for being in the middle of the road. Then the driver and passenger drove off before the cops arrived.

New Jersey 101.5's Dan Alexander wrote about the details of what happened yesterday.

Tabitha Vassey and her boys on Halloween (Tabitha Vassey)
Tabitha Vassey and her boys on Halloween (Tabitha Vassey)

The reason that this story makes it to our Blue Friday post is that through the chaos of a hit-and-run and trick-or-treaters all over the neighborhood, the responding cops stepped up.

The mom who was hit, Tabitha Vassey, was walking with her two kids, 7-year-old Liam and 3-year Greyson. Of course, the kids were distraught after what happened.

Three officers from the Hamilton Police Department decided to do more than respond to the accident and help the victim.

Officers Alex Zuzzio, Sean Dorney, and Sgt. Ed Lugo took the two kids around the neighborhood to distract them with trick-or-treating until the family arrived to take them to their grandparents' home.

Mom and kids are going to be fine and this is another reminder that police officers have more than a job, more than a career.

They have a calling to protect and serve the public and these three officers exemplify the very best that New Jersey police officers bring to our communities.

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