Halloween is fast approaching, and maybe you’re coming up empty-handed for a good costume idea for your friend’s or neighborhood party. Here’s a few ideas to earn a few raised eyebrows, maybe a chuckle or two, in a largely Jersey crowd.

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Rutgers zombie football player (seen above)
“To bring their season back from the dead”

Get the look:
— Rutgers football jersey (Colosseum via Amazon)
— Zombie makeup kit (Fun World via Amazon)


(Masquerade Halloween via Amazon, Kurt Adler via Amazon)

"Pine Baron"
“Pine Barrens, Baroque period”

Get the look:
Baron costume (Masquerade Halloween via Amazon)
Mini fake pine tree (Kurt Adler via Amazon)


(Discover Costumes via Amazon, Broad Bay via Amazon)

“Real Ex-Cons of New Jersey”
Start with Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino of "Jersey Shore"— add Joe Guidice ("Real Housewife of New Jersey" husband)

Get the look:
Take a Situation top,
Add orange scrub pants,
Plus, a Convict name tag to write “Free Sitch.”

If you have women in your party, you could always order a jumpsuit or two and add Teresa Guidice, and Martha Stewart, too.


(Forum Novelties via amazon, Clayton Designs via Amazon)

Tomato Pi
“For Garden State lovers of math and tomato pie, not in that order”

Get the look:
Tomato Costume (Forum Novelties via amazon)
Pi shirt (Clayton Designs via Amazon)


Friday the 13th throwback

(Crazy Dog tshirts via Amazon)

For a super casual nod, you can go with this Camp Crystal Lake T-shirt.
Your Jersey crowd will know for sure that while the iconic movie series did shoot in New Jersey, both the camp name (it was actually filmed in part at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco) and the New Jersey county are flubbed. (“Wessex” County— not quite).

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