Some guys like bumper stickers. Other guys like stick figure families. This guy likes turning the back of his SUV into a rolling billboard to holler at immigrants. Not being an immigrant I took no offense when he was in front of me on 202 this morning.

Anti-immigrant car
Photo taken by Jeff Deminski

This patriot starts off with an explanation of what country we are in. The message to the foreign-born is to learn our constitution, respect our flag and obey our laws. I can get behind all that. Then I have to jump ship where he takes a swipe at Allah. He says our country is under God, not Allah. Since he’s bringing up the constitution it should be pointed out that we don’t have a state backed religion in this country but rather religious freedom. If you want to worship Allah or God or a tree or a spaghetti monster in the sky or nothing at all you are free under our laws to do that. He apparently believes otherwise and should refer to the previous part of his own message...learn our constitution.

Then the message goes back to something I agree with. Learn our language. No, there’s no official language of the United States and no, I’m not going to kick you out of the country if you refuse, but having a common language helps us understand each other and it ought to be a priority.

Work hard, pay your taxes, again, hard to argue with.

But man the hostility behind the final part of the message. Basically do it his way or Get The Fxxx Out!

Notice this message is so long it uses up all of his back window then has to continue on down the lift gate? And who exactly is he yelling at? If he’s yelling at immigrants who don’t assimilate and don’t learn English then how does he think they could possibly read this?

Nonetheless, if someone wants to express themselves this way they have every right to do so, just as I did here. ‘Murica!

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